Billy Ocker  President,    (

Billy has been capturing the wonders of life through the lens for more than 30 years. Many of his photographs have been shown in state and local media as well as being seen around world wide. He has a mature sense of humour and loves to enjoy life to the fullest. These attributes are visable in his photographic technique. He is well like by the members of the club and the Treasure Coast community as a whole. Truly he is real Treasure Coast Jewel and his enthusiasm for the art, during his tenure and the future, will continue to be contageous for sure.


The success of our photoclub is dependant upon people just like you……..

Yes, we need volunteers!

If you have a skill set that you are proud of, or you are just interested in keeping our club alive and dynamic.……….….talk to us please. E-mail

We always need help, temporally and permanently……….and we can teach you to do new things that matter to us all, and which you also will certainly  enjoy!

And this could be                you…….

A team member!

Bill Conway Club Secretary

Bill has been taking pictures for over 50 years, starting as an instrumentation engineer in the aerospace industry using both still and video film cameras to record images and events. His interest in photography continued in his personal life taking shots with his Nikons while traveling and using a Nikonos for his SCUBA adventures. With the advent of digital cameras, Bill has found the myriad of options and settings daunting and is still discovering many of the features that his new cameras offer. Joining the Indian River Photo Club has offered the opportunity for him to join like-minded enthusiasts in looking at, and presenting, the world through the artist's lens.

Nick has had a passion for landscape and architectural photography for over 40 years. He developed and printed his own black and whites refusing to accept the world of Digital, when it seemed everyone else was moving in that direction and the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult to develop and print in color he decided to give it a try and so he bought his first digital and quickly fell in love with it.

Nick and his wife Juliann decided to make the move to Vero Beach from the North East several years ago and despite the HOT summers they love it down here. Juliann has stepped into the world of art with her new passion of painting with oils; together they have transformed their home into an art studio and gallery.

Nick Binghieri   

2017  Team Members

Newsletter Editor

Senior Publishing Liaison  Assistant- M E B

Media Point   Bill Conway

Excursion co-ordinator   Hazel Lacks

Awards Secretary  Billy Ocker

Monthly Refreshement  Servicer Arlene Willnow

North Sebastian Library  Coordinators Jackea Andoniades/ Joyce Burr

David Bence  Museum -   Print Competition

I've been a widow for 13 years, have 2 children and 3 grandchildren, and I moved to Vero Beach 5 years ago.

Retired from a Communications Company and currently work part time as a manager of a storage facility.

I've been a hiker for 20 years hiking through England, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands and many places in the US.

I've been interested photography for many years just taking snapshots, but after joining the IRPC it opened my eyes to many other levels of creativity and expression.

I enjoy the challenges the club offers and have just begun to enter contest outside the club venue.

I volunteer at the Visiting Nurse Association thrift shop 1 day a week as well as manage the position of Treasurer of the Indian River Photo Club.

Bobbi Whitlam Treasurer

Vice President…(  )

Joyce Burr

2nd. Vice President...  (  )

Joyce has been a resident of Vero Beach for 30 years and a lifelong casual photographer. A few years ago she made the move from point and shoot to digital SLR and discovered a whole new world in the wonders of macro, nature, and creative photography.

 A healthcare educator and “forever student” Joyce has participated in a variety group photo classes, online, and face to face workshops, covering a broad array of photography topics. “Joining and participating in the activities of the Indian River Photo Club has been a great experience and has helped me to grow my understanding of photography, meet new people, and just get out and shoot.”

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