PIAS Bird Photo of the Month
February 2012

By JR Williams  (click to see gallery selection)

Title: Portrait of a Limpkin (Aramus guarauna) by J.R. Williams

What a portrait -- a confident presence!

We rarely see human-like portraits of a bird.

Only at a distance with his Cannon EOS 50D Camera 1/400, f/8.0, ISO 250 using a EF 100-400mm lens at 235mm, was photographer J R Williams able to bring the feather and facial details into fine focus depicting this Limpkin’s inner aliveness. (Courtesy PIAS 2012)

By Earl Evans


This image won First Place in the “Landscapes and Macros in Florida” class at the Pelican Island Festival. It was taken at Viera Wetlands near Melbourne on an obviously very foggy morning. This is one of Earl’s most awarded photographs, having won, among other awards, 1st Place in our own IRPC Class A Color competition for March 2011. March seems to be a good month for this photo.

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