The Indian River Photo Club holds “Awards” submissions and judgements which take place at each of the ten monthly meetings at two levels of ability, “A” for mature or professional  photographers and “B” for novice or less practiced  photographers.


Members are encouraged to enter photographs taken by them under a selected theme that changes each month. The members submissions are also grouped under three categories: Color, Monochrome and Special Techniques. A member may enter two photographs, one in each of two of the three categories at his/her level. They must be mounted or matted.  No frames. Minimum photo size is 8 x 10 ins. The maximum entry size, including the mat, is 16 x 20 ins and the mat may ONLY be black or white in color and should be 16” x  20”.

Each member may may submit one photograph in each of the three categories at his/her level of ability.

Judging is undertaken by invited judges who have proven their skills in the art of photography and may be accompanied by an intern.

Award ribbons are given for first, second, and third places as well as honorable mentions for those that do not quite achieve a higher placing but meet the criteria of the judges as being worthy of consideration.

All photographs that receive an award must be submitted to the newsletter for inclusion in its next edition with in five (5) days of the awards club meeting. Awards will  be high lighted on the club’s web site. All awards photographs will also be documented in the Annual Club Catalogue. They will then be eligible for consideration for the “Best Photograph of The Year Award” which is judged at the Annual General Meeting of the club on the first Thursday in December.

Club Monthly Awards themes for 2016 & 2017

As a member of the Florida Council of Camera Clubs the Indian River Photo Club members are entitled and encouraged to enter in the annual Print and Digital competitions sponsored by the F3C.

Over the past several years the club membership has scored very highly in these challenging State wide competitions, ranking our club skills amongst some of the best in the State of Florida.

We suggest members monitor the F3C web site (click above) and actively participate in the Print and Digital competitions. Also see and read the new rules as of January 2015.

The Florida Council of Camera Clubs

The Vero Beach Museum of Art

For many years the Indian River Photo Club has promoted, sponsored and organized a photographic print exhibition and competition at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. This is the premier photo competition in Indian River County and attracts photographers from throughout the area.

The competition is a Juried Competition and takes place during the month of December. All photographers living in the area are encouraged to enter and entry is not limited to IRPC Club Members. Winners photographs (1st, 2nd. 3rd. and Honorable Mention)  will be featured in a spring edition of the Vero Beach Magazine.

The annual Museum exhibit is managed by Club Director Mike Ricciardi  a world renowned photographer noted for his amazing underwater photography.

The Indian River photo Club is a member of the Photographic Society of America.

The PSA offers access to many competitions through out the world and it is suggested that all club members join the PSA. It is a world wide association with many benefits for the active photographer.

Visit the PSA site at and discover the  advantages that a PSA member may enjoy, from  image evaluation, activities, and educational courses.

Monthly Photo Competition

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“Through The Eye of The Camera 2016”

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                                2016                                                          2017

January            28                  Family                                                                         January         26                                         Humor

February          25                  Passion                                                                       February      23                                         The Right Place at the Right Time

March               24                 Open                                                                            March           23                                          Open  

April                  28                 Belonging                                                                  April               27                                          Labor of Love

May                  26                  Beautiful Blur                                                              May               25                                          From Dusk ‘t

il Dawn

June                 23                 Open                                                                           June               22                                          Open

July                   28                 Refreshing                                                                 July                27                                          People Who Need People

August             25                 Unforgettable Faces                                                 August           24                                          Interaction

September     22                 Open                                                                            September    28                                          Open

October           27                 A Storm is Coming                                                    October          26                                          End of the Day

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