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Entry Form


Congratulations, If you have placed in one of our monthly Awards contests! It is now time to submit your picture for inclusion in the newsletter, the annual catalogue and the club web site. The process to send in photographs within the following 5 days of the club meeting is as follows::

1. Prepare the images to be sent. Images should be at least 5”x 4" at 300 DPI (or PPI) in JPG format. If working using pixels then make your longest side 1040 pixels.

2. Include the important information

1. The Winning Picture

2. The Photographer's Name

3. Class (A or B)

4. The Picture's show Title  ………………not your file name title unless it is the correct formula

5. Category (Color, Monochrome, or  Special Techniques)

6. How the picture  placed, first, second, third or honorable mention.

3. Send an email with this information to:  with the photograph attached NOT embedded. This is important……NOT EMBEDDED, PLEASE!

For technical assistance, email the newsletter editor at the above e-mail address and help could be on its way to you.

All photographs that are e-mailed will be acknowledged when received by the newsletter editors and stored on the cloud for security.

 Please note:

No photograph may have any writing added to the photo surface/image or embedded in it unless it is an integral part of the photograph. i.e. No copyright insignia or company name or photographer’s name added. Sorry, but photographs with such visible enhancements will not be published either in the Newsletter or on the Club Web Site.  They will be excluded from the Annual Catalogue and “BEST end of year” competition.

Thank you!

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